What is an Incubator?


A Business Incubation Assoc. (VBIA) Definition of a Business Incubator

Virginia Business Incubator Association Business incubators are programs that nurture start-up businesses by providing hands-on management assistance, access to financing, and exposure to critical business or technical support services.

They typically offer shared office services, access to equipment, flexible leases, and space – all under one roof.

0520The primary purpose of VHSBI is to encourage, enthuse and empower new and small businesses as tenants and non-tenants of the VHSBI facility and to ensure successful start-up and continued growth.

The Virginia Highlands Small Business Incubator (VHSBI) is built on the philosophy that new business into Washington County is a vital component to economic prosperity and offers connectivity and rooted values to the economic profile of our county.